The final leg of interrailing!

Berlin was the final city I visited when interrailing. Even though I was so far from home (England), it was the only place that I visited that felt closest to the UK. In that sense, it gave me a really comforting feel, and it felt really nice to end the journey in a place which felt similar to home. I think part of the reason why it felt like home was because it was so diverse. Living in London, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living in such a diverse city and that it is not neccesarily like that elsewhere.


I’d say Berlin was like a cross between London and what I imagine New York to look like. However, it was a lot more spacious than London, which was refreshing to see.


While in Berlin, I made sure to visit the Berlin Wall and took maybe close to a hundred photos because all the artwork looked so good! It was surreal to see such a significant piece of history in real life. We visited the Brandenburg Gate, which has a reputation for being Berlin’s signature attraction. This gate was built in 1791, and is one of the many old city gates that were erected around the city of Berlin. We also saw the Berlin Television Tower, which is Berlin’s highest attraction. We visited the Holocaust Memorial too, where we walked through the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was simple in appearance but conveyed a strong message to me.  


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